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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (27권2호 72-76)

The Study of the Sn-In Ratio on the Oxidation Reaction of Rapidly Solidified Ag-Sn-In Alloys

급속응고한 Ag-Sn-In 합금의 산화반응에 미치는 Sn-In 첨가량 비율에 관한 연구

Dae Jung Chang, Gi Bong Kwon, Dae Hyoung Cho, Jung Su Kim , Tae Woon Nam

Han Yang University, * Machinery & Material Center, Korea Testing Laboratory


Contact materials are widely used as electrical parts. Ag-Cd alloy has a good wear resistance and stable contact resistance. But the Cd exists as coarse oxide in alloy so it have an effect on mechanical properties badly. Moreover, the Cd is an injury material to environment. Nowadays, the use of Cd is strictly restricted. Because of these disadvantage, Ag-Sn-In alloy has been developed. In Ag-Sn-In alloy, the Sn : In ratio affects the internal oxidation properties, such as the formation of the oxide layer on the surface. In this work, we changed and optimized the Sn : In ratio variety for good internal oxidation properties. We have shown that a internal oxidation process did not fully completed when the Sn : In ratio is over 4 : 1 because of the Sn oxide layer at surface. The increase of In decelerates the formation of Sn oxide layer.


Contact material, Internal oxidation, Oxide particle, Ag-Sn-In, Rapid solidification process.