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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (26권2호 98-103)

Evaluation of Metal-mold Reactions and Fluidity of TiAl Alloys

TiAl 합금의 주형계면반응 및 유동성 평가

Sang-Hwa Lee, Si-Young Sung*, Bong-Jae Choi*, Myoung-Gyun K im **, and Young-Jig K im *

Donga University, *Sungkyunkwan University, **Research Institute o f Industrial Science and Technology,


Metal-mold reactions between investment mold and TiAl alloys were investigated for the economic net-shape forming of TiAl alloys. The effect of mold preheating temperatures on the metal-mold reaction were investigated using a vacuum induction-melting furnace. In the case of TiAl alloys, there were no ${\alpha}$ 수식 이미지-case formation reactions. There were neither interstitial nor substitutional ${\alpha}$ 수식 이미지-case formations as TiAl alloys have both negligible solubility of oxygen and low activity in molten states. The fluidity of TiAl alloys increases with mold preheating temperature since they have a peritectic reaction that appears in the form of envelope, surrounding each particles of the primary constituent. The results of the investment casting of TiAl alloys confirm that the casting route in our study can be an effective approach for the economic net-shape forming of TiAl alloys.


Investments casting, Alpha-case, Net-shape forming, TiAl Alloys, Fluidity