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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (25권2호 80-87)

Characterization of the Ni and Ni-Cr Porous Metal Reinforced AC4C Matrix Composites Fabricated by Squeeze Casting

용탕단조법에 의한 Ni, Ni-Cr 다공질 발포금속 강화 AC4C 합금기 복합재료에 관한 연구

Eok-Soo Kim

University of Ulsan


The microstructure and mechanical property of the Ni and Ni-Cr porous metal reinforced AC4C matrix composites fabricated by squeeze casting were investigated. In this study Ni, Ni-Cr porous metals which are estimated to be easy to fabricate by squeeze casting are used as strengtheners for composite materials. As a matrix material, Al-7wt.%Si-0.3wt.%Mg(AC4C) has been used. In case of Ni/AC4C and Ni- Cr/AC4C composite, 750°C melt temperature and minimum 25MPa squeezing pressure are needed to pro-duce sound composite materials. The observation of interfacial reaction zone at various heat treatment condition shows that at solutionizing temperature of above 520°C, the interfacial reaction zone increases proportionally with heat treatment time and the reaction products formed by interfacial reactions are mainly composed by Al3Ni and Al3Ni2 phases.


Squeeze casting, Porous metal, Composite, Intermetallic compound.