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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (13권6호 524-531)

Influence of Rheo-compocasting Conditions and Mg Additions on the Microstructures in Al-Si/SiCp Composite

Al-Si/SiCp 복합조직에 미치는 Rheo-compocasting의 제조조건 및 Mg첨가의 영향

Sug-Won Kim*, Eui-Kweoni Lee**, Woo-Yeoung Jean**

*Chonbuk National University, **Chonbuk National University


Dispersion behaviors of SiC particles and microstructures in Al-2%Si/SiCp composite prepared by Rheo-compocasting were studied with change of fabrication conditions(slurry temperature, agitation time) and additions of Mg(0~3wt.%). Also, the microhardness change of matrix, interface and total in composites were examined with additions of Mg(0~3wt.%). The dispersion of particles in the composites became relatively homogeneous with increase of Mg additions, agitation time and decrease of slurry temperature. Rate of occupied area by particle in matrix was increased as increase of Mg additions due to improvement of wettability between SiC particle and matrix. A favorable composites were obtained by melting under Ar atmospheric SiCp injection and bottom pouring system. According to the analysis of X-ray diffraction, Mg_2Si, Al_4C_3, SiO_2 and MgO, etc, intermetallic compounds were formed by chemical interreaction at interface of matrix and particles. The microhardness of interface is higher than that of matrix due to more strengthening of above intermetallic compounds. It was considered that the total hardness of the composites is improved by dispersing of SiCp and addition of Mg.