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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (13권4호 359-368)

Influence of Melt Processing Factors on Microstructures of SiCp/Ma-Al Composites

SiCp/Mg-Al 복합재료의 조직에 미치는 용융가공의 영향

Yeo-Chang Yoon*, Jeong-Cheol Choi**, Tae-Woon Nam***, Ik-Min Park****

*Kumkang Dengen Metal Co., **Ajou University, ***Hanyang University, ****Pusan National University


Mg-9wt.%Al and Mg-9wt.%-1.6wt%Zn/SiCp(particle size 40μм) metal-matrix-composite specimens were manufactured by rheo-compocasting method, known for its effect of improving the wettability. The ceramic reinforcement particles(SiCp) were dispersed in the semi-solid magnesium alloy matrix slurry being vigorously stirred in a high frequency induction furnace under inert atmosphere. A microstructural study of the dispersed particles in the specimens, prepared under different conditions as regards the time(10min, 20min, 30min) and temperature of the stirring, was made with the aid of optical microscope and SEM. The effect of superheating was also observed. It is revealed that 30 minutes' stirring time of the semi- solid at 40% solid fraction temperature(Mg-9wt.%Al : 590℃, AZ91 : $576℃), as determined by the lever rule, gives a satisfactorily uniform distribution of the particles. The superheating is observed to enhance further the uniformity.