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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (13권4호 369-381)

Formation of SiC Particle Reinforced Al Metal Matrix Composites by Spray Forming Process(I. Microstructure)

분사성형법에 의한 SiC입자강화 알루미늄 복합재료의 제조 I. 미세조직에 대한 고찰

Jong-Sung Park*, Myung-Ho Kim*, Cha-Hum Bae**

*University of Inha, **Pusan National University of Technology


Aluminum alloy(AC8A) matrix composites reinforced with SiC particles(10% in vol.) were fabricated by Centrifugal Spray Deposition(CSD) process. The microstructures were investigated in order to evaluate both the mixing mode between aluminum matrix and SiC particles, and the effect of SiC particles on the cooling behaviours of droplets during flight and preforms deposited. A non- continuum mathematical calculation was performed to explain and to quantify the evolution of microstructures in the droplets and preforms deposited. Conclusions obtained are as follows; 1. The powders produced by CSD process showed, in general, ligament type, and more than 60% of the powders produced were about 300 to 850 um in size. 2. AC8A droplets solidified during flight showed fine dendritic structure, but AC8A droplets mixed with SiC particles showed fine equiaxed grain structure, and eutectic silicon were formed to crystallize granularly between fine aluminum grains. 3. SiC particles seem to act as a nucleation sites for pro-eutectic silicon during solidification of AC8A alloy. 4. The microstructure of composite powders formed by CSD process showed particle embedded type, and resulted in dispersed type microstructure in preforms deposited. 5. The pro-eutectic silicon crystallized granularly between fine aluminum grains seem to prohibit grains from growth during spray deposition process. 6. The interfacial reactions between aluminum matrix and SiC particles were not observed from the deposit performs and the solidified droplets. 7. The continuum model seem to be useful in connecting the processing parameters with the resultant microstructures. From these results, it was concluded that the fabrication of aluminum matrix composites reinforced homogeneously with SiC particles was possible.