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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (27권6호 243-249)

The Effect of Re addition and Solidification Rate on the Directional Solidification Behavior of Ni-Al Alloy

Ni-Al 합금의 일방향 응고 거동에 미치는 Re 및 응고속도의 영향

Man-Gil Lee, Young-S00 Yoo*, Chang-Yong Jo*, Je-Hyun Lee

Changwon University, Korea Institute of Materials Science


The effect of Re addition and solidification rate on the directional solidification behavior of Ni-Al model alloy has been investigated. Directional solidification (DS) were carried out using the modified Bridgman furnace with various solidification rates. The solid/liquid interface during directional solidification was preserved by quenching the specimen after the desired volume fraction of original liquid was solidified. The equilibrium partition coefficients of Al and Re Were estimated by measuring the compositions at the quenched solid/liquid interface. Then, the effect of Re addition on the elemental segregation behavior was carefully analyzed. The differential scanning calorimetry results showed that the Re addition results in increased solvus and freezing range of the alloy. It was also shown that the primary dendrite arm spacing gradually decreases with increasing the Re content, while the secondary dendrite arm spacing appears to be independent on the Re content. The compositional analyses clearly revealed that the segregation of Al increased with increasing the Re content and solidification rate, while that of Re was found to be independent on the solidification rate in the range of due to its sluggish diffusion rate in the Ni solid solution.


Directional solidification, Segregation, Dendrite arm spacing, Re, Superalloy