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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (25권5호 203-208)

Fabrication of Aluminum Foams for High Profit Recycling of Aluminum Can Scraps

알루미늄 캔 스크랩의 고품위 재활용을 위한 발포금속의 제조

Won Ha, Shae-Kwang Kim*, Young-Jig Kim

Sungkyunkwan University, * KITECH


The main emphasis of this study is to optimize the process variables for manufacturing aluminum foam materials by direct foam-ing of remelted aluminum scraps. Aluminum foams were fabricated from two different raw materials, pure aluminum and used bev- erage cans. For both cases, TiH2 was used as a foaming agent. Calcium was added as a thickener for the foaming of pure aluminum and no thickener was added for that of used beverage cans because the pre-existing oxides of the used beverage cans are used as a thickener. Calcium and TiH2 content varies from 0.5wt.% to 2.owt.% and from 0.5 wt.% to l.5wt.%, respectively. The processing conditions, such as the effect of calcium on the melt viscosity, foaming temperature, and the optimum amount of the foaming agent with regard to the melt viscosity were discussed.


Aluminum, Foam metal, High profit recycling, Melt route foaming, Used beverage cans