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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (25권4호 156-160)

The Effect of Electromagnetic Stirring on the Microstructure of A356 Al Alloy by the Continuous Casting Process

A356 합금의 연속주조시 전자기 교반에 따른 미세조직 변화

Won-Bae Kim, Tae-Woo Kwon*, Jong-Chul Kim*, Tae-Ho Park, Byung-Joon Ye

Kyungpook National University, *Hwashin Co.


There are many factors that influence solidification behavior during continuous casting, e.g. include superheat, casting speed, cooling rate and holding time. However, when melt is stirred by electromagnetic force, there would be some changes in its solidification behavior compared to that of the ordinary casting process. In this study, the billets of A356 alloy with a diameter of 3 inch were fabricated with electromagnetic stirring under various conditions of superheat, casting speed and input voltage of electro magnetic stirring (EMS) device. The microstructure was also investigated under the various casting conditions and electromagnetic input voltages. When increase in input voltage, the microstructure was changed from dendritic to rosette type and finally to spheroidal. With pouring temperature, casting speed and electromagnetic input voltage were 650℃, 100 mm/min and 140 V, respectively, the billet with a diameter of 3 inch, which has a uniform dispersed spheroidal particles in the whole area of billet except for the surface area, was manufactured.


Semisolid process, Electromagnetic stirring, Continuous casting, A356 Al alloy