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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (25권2호 102-108)

Ability and Fading Behavior of Inoculants in Ductile Cast Iron Melt and Effect of Minor Elemets on them

구상흑연주철 용탕 중 접종제의 접종능과 페이딩 거동 및 이들에 미치는 미량 원소의 영향

San-Bin Kwon*, Hae-Wook Kwon, Won-Sik Nam**

Yeungnam Univ., *Graduate School of Yeungnam Univ., **Haewon Ind. Co.


The ability and fading behavior of inoculant in ductile cast iron melt and the effect of minor element on them were investigated. The result obtanied on nodularization and the performance of inoculant were more distinct when the melt was treated and held at the high temperature range of 1450~1500℃ than at the lower one of 1350~1400℃. The performance of 5.2%Mg-Fe-Si alloy was the best of 4 nodularizers. That of Fe-75%Si(I) alloy was better than other 4 inoculants. The performance of the Fe-75%Si(I) inoculant was deteoriated by the addition of sulfur or bismuth. On the other hand, that was improved by the addition of cerium, even though its extent was not big.


ductile cast iron, melt treatment, inoculation, inoculant, fading of inoculant