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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (24권5호 273-280)

Vibration Characteristics of Compaction Table for Expendable Pattern Casting Process through Changing Vibration Modes

소실모형주조용 조형장치의 진동특성 평가

Kang-Rae Lee, Kyeong-hwan Choe, Gue-Serb Cho, Kyong-Whoan Lee, Myung-Ho Kim*, Kyung-Hwa Rim**, Ki-Young Kim***

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, * lnha University, **Korea University of Technology and Education, ***Korea University of Technology and Education


Vibrational motions of the compaction table were investigated to select the optimal operation conditions of sand filling and compaction for the EPC process. Their modes were measured at the nine points of the table with changing the relative rotation angles between the two eccentric mass vibrators which were attached parallel beneath the table. Well-defined vibration modes were measured at the center of the table but those of left and right sides of the table were distorted regardless of rotational angle differences. The distortion of vibration modes at both sides of the table were caused by the moment generated by offset positions of two eccentric masses. It was found that the uniform vibration modes would be gathered by controlling the relative distances between the rotating axis and the center of gravity in the compaction system at the various conditions of vibration modes and rotational angle differences.


vibrating table, EPC, vibration mode, moment, rotational angle differences