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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (22권1호 17-25)

Study on the Microstructural Changes with Modification and Cast-forging in Eutectic Al-Si Alloys

공정 Al-Si 합금의 개량처리와 주단조에 의한 조직변화에 관한 연구

Ji-Hyun Yoon, Eun-Cheol Seol, Seung~Min Park*, Kwang-Hak Lee

University of Ulsan, *Dong-Nam precision Co.


Recently, many studies have been carried out to process on the purpose of lightness in a transport parts because of the saving energy, the environmental problem. The cast-forging process can be expected to lower costs without decreasing the mechanical properties. So, the finest microstructure is needed to get for applying the cast-forging process with Al-Si alloy because the microstructure affects to the cast-forging process. For refinement treatment of eutectic Si and Al solid-solution phase, Sr and TiB were added in Al-Si alloys. The finest microstructure could be observed when 0.075 wt.%Sr and 0.1 wt.%TiB were added respectively. In this case, tensile strength and elongation much more increased than as casting. After high temperature deformation simulation test with grain refinement specimens was carried out, about 70N per unit area(mm²) of specimen was confirmed. After hot forging, tensile strength and elongation were increased. It was considered because casting defect was removed by compressive working.


Cast-forging process, Grain refinement treatment, Deformation simulation test, Compressive working