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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (21권3호 179-186)

Effects of Melt Super-heating on the Shape Modification of β-AlFeSi Intermetallic compound in AC2B Aluminum Alloy

AC2B 알루미늄합금의 고온용해에 의한 금속간화합물 β-AlFeSi상 형상계량 효과

Heon-Joo Kim

Pukyong National University


Melt super-heating which promotes shape modification of β intermetallic compounds was conducted to improve mechanical properties of recycled AC2B aluminum alloy. Modification of needle-shape β intermetallic compounds was effective for the specimens of AC2B aluminum alloys containing 0.85wt.% Fe by melt super-heating, in which the melts had been held at 850℃ or 950℃ for 30 minutes respectively. Owing to the modification of needle-shape of β intermetallic compounds by melt superheating of the alloy with containing 0.85wt.% Fe to 950℃, increases in elongation and tensile strength were prominent to be more than double and 55% respectively in comparison with the melt heated to 740℃. Moreover, modification of needle-shape β intermetallic compounds in the alloy containing O.85wt.% Fe by 950℃ melt super-heating led to 48% improvement of the value of impact absorbed energy as compared with the melt heated to 740℃.


AC2B aluminum alloy, Melt super-heating, Modification of β intermetallic compound, Tensile property, Computer Aided Instrumented Charpy impact test