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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (20권5호 300-306)

A Study on Aging and Wear Behaviors of Al-5Mg-X(Si, Cu, Ti)/SiCp Composites Fabricated by Pressureless Infiltration Method

무가압 침투에 의하여 제조된 Al-5Mg-X(Si, Cu, Ti)/SiCp 복합재료의 시효 및 마멸특성에 관한 연구

Kee-Do Woo, Sug-Won Kim, Hong-Suk Na, Ho-Jung Moon

Chonbuk National University


The objective of this work was to investigate the effects of SiC particle size(50, 100 um) and additional elements such as Si, Cu and T1 on aging behavior in Al-5Mg-X(Si,Cu,Ti)/SiCp composites fabricated by pressureless infiltration method using hardness and wear test, scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and difierential scanning calorirnetry(DSC). The peak aging time in Al-5Mg-X(Si, Cu, Ti)/SiCp(50,1oO um) composites is shorter than Al-5Mg-0.3Si alloy.The peak aging time of 50 um SiC particle reinforced A1- 5Mg-X(Si,Cu,Ti) composites is shorter than those of 100 um SiC particle reinforced of Al-5Mg-X (Si,Cu,Ti) composites. The Al- 5Mg-0.3Si-0.1Cu-0.1Ti/SiCp(5O um) composites aged at 180°C has higher hardness and better wear resistance than any other aged composite.The aging effect is promoted by the addition of Si and Cu in Al-5Mg/SiCp composites, so the wear resistance of Al-5Mg/SiCp composites with Si and Cu elements is enhanced by the aging treatment.