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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (12권6호 471-479)

A Study on the Reclamation of the Furan Sand by the Fluidized Bed

유동층을 이용한 주물사의 재생에 관한 연구

Ko-Kil Baek*, Yang-Jin Choi*

Taejon University of Technology


For the last 2 decades, the bonding materials for the foundry sand and the foundry equipments with high performance have been developed and employed in the foundry shops. In those periods, the furan resins hardened in higher temperature have been replaced with the self- hardened ones in the room temperature. Simultaneously the various reclamation methods of the self-hardened furan resin sand have been developed in order to get the clean working environments, the reduction of solid wastes and the lower of production cost in the foundry. In this experimental study, the combustion reclamation method using the fluidized bed among the various methods was studied in order to reduce the L.O.I. and /or N_2 gas due to the deposition of the furan resins and the hardeners. Comparing the results of this experimental combustion reclamation method with those of the employed pneumatic method, the Surface Stability Index of the specimen made by combustion method is 30% higher than that of the latter one and L.O.I. decreases about 30%. The reclamation temperature of 650℃ in this experimental fluidized bed would be recommended in the viewpoints of the reclamation period, the fuel consumption and the residual quantity of the furan resin. The formula determining the minimum fluidizing velocities according to the temperatures in the fluidized bed has been obtained.