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pISSN : 1598-706X / eISSN : 2288-8381


한국주조공학회지 (10권4호 309-315)

Composite Structures of SiC_p/6063 Aluminum Alloy by Rheo-Compocasting.

Rheo-Compocasting에 의한 SiC_p/6063 Al합금의 복합조직

Jeong-Cheol Choe*

Ajou Univ.


Aluminum alloy matrix composites reinforced by SiC particles were prepared by rheocompocasting, a process which consists of the incoporation and distribution of reinforcement by stirring within a semi-solid alloy. When the volume fraction of SiCp and stirring speed were fixed, the dispersion of SiCp in Al-matrix alloy depended on stirring time and solid volume fraction in slurry. The results were as follows : 1) As a dispersed SiCp during stirring at 647℃ in 6063-Al alloy, SiC was better dispersed than that other temperature, where solid volume fraction was 43% in slurry. 2) When increased solid fraction in slurry, rate of dispersing SiC increased during stirring and porosities decreased in matrix alloy after casting. 3) Inspite of stirring with 800rpm, since solid particles of matrix alloy in slurry joined each other and occured joining growth, so that SiC was not dispersed into solid particle.